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Let's Grow Together

Having a storefront can lead to increased brand exposure, customer engagement and business growth. Therefore, we've created a shared space for small businesses to have a physical presence while we take care of the rest!

Vendor Packet 


New and prospective vendors should review the Vendor Packet which includes information on store operations and rules, item tagging and Consignor Access.

Frequently Asked Questions 


We hope these questions and answers are helpful in learning more about The Maker and Merchant. If you have questions not addressed please contact us.

How do I become a vendor?

Just complete the vendor application HERE and we will be in touch when we have a space opening! The application asks questions about your business to help us get to know you.

What is the contract term?  

Vendors commit to a year contract period. Contracts run from January-December. Vendors may terminate or renew their contract at the end of the term. If terminating, vendors must provide notice at least 30 days prior to the end of the term. 

Why are vendor applications closed? 

Vendor applications close after all spaces have been allocated for the contract term. They will reopen again for vendors to apply prior to the start of the next term. Interested applicants should sign up for our mailing list HERE to be notified when applications go live!  

If I am an existing vendor do I need to reapply?

No! Once you are a vendor in the space, your contract will roll over every year. You can let us know at anytime if you want more, less or different space and we will do our best to accommodate in the upcoming term. 

What costs are associated with renting a vendor space?

There is a monthly space fee plus a 15% sales commission that collectively helps cover regular storefront expenses such as utilities, staff, marketing and supplies. Monthly space fees vary according to the size and location of the vendor space rented. Click HERE to view the store layout and pricing sheet.

Are there any other additional fees?

Additional fees may change year to year and are outlined in the Vendor Packet. All current and prospective vendors should review the Vendor Packet and reach out with any questions. 

How do I know what space options are available? 

We have a variety of sizes and spaces available to accommodate vendors of all types. On your application you will be asked to list your space preference and as spaces come available we work to find the best match.  

What point of sale do you use? Can a vendor access sales? 

We have a dedicated point of sale system that is designed to manage sales and inventory in a multi-vendor store. All vendors are provided a login to Consignor Access that provides a portal for you to access to your sales, inventory and payout receipts for your business. 

What are the store hours?

The store will generally operate from 10am - 7pm Monday through Saturday and 12pm - 6pm on Sunday. Hours may vary by location and season.

Do I need to be on-site in my space to sell merchandise? 

No! We provide dedicated store management and sales staff.


What fixtures, if any, are provided?  

We provide all brackets, hanging fixtures and shelving for wall spaces. We also provide a variety of racks and tables. It's important that the store is cohesive so we've provided these items to create a consistent look and feel throughout the space. Vendors are permitted to bring in smaller fixtures and décor needed to display their merchandise and showcase their business. Large fixtures will need to be approved in advance. Further details are included in the Vendor Packet. 

What about hangers?  

Vendors provide their own hangers. All hangers must be black.

How should items be tagged?  

Vendors input their store inventory into the point of sale via Consignor Access. Barcodes are assigned to all items and all items must be tagged with our barcode labels before going out on the sales floor. Labels are printed in the store at the register and vendors can stop by anytime to pick up their labels. Items can be tagged in advance or as they go out on the floor. More details on inventory and tagging can be found in the Vendor Packet above. 

What about sales tax?

We calculate, hold and report all sales tax on items sold. Your sales paid and the store's commission are calculated before tax.  

What about credit card fees?

Credit card fees are covered by the vendor and deducted from your monthly payout. We have competitive negotiated credit card processing rates and those savings are passed along to the vendors. 

How do I know when my inventory is low? How and when do I restock?

Vendors are provided a login to access to their sales. You'll be able to manage your inventory by seeing what has sold. Store staff will stay in regular communication with vendors letting you know when your space needs restocking. You can restock your space at anytime during business hours!

When are space fees due? When are sales paid?  

Vendors pay upfront for their first month space fee. After the first month, the space fees for the upcoming month are deducted from sales paid to you. Sales are processed the first business day of each month for the month prior via direct deposit. 

What We Provide


  • Variety of space types and sizes for lease. Click HERE to view the store layout and pricing sheet. 

  • Basic fixtures including brackets, racks, shelving and tables 


  • Consistent vendor signage placed in each vendor space

  • Store management and sales staff; Vendors do not staff their own space

  • All expenses associated with the storefront including utilities, staff, marketing and supplies. 

  • Carefully curated mix of vendors that compliment one another and create a unique shopping experience

  • Point of sale system and access to individual vendor sales

  • Visible and high traffic retail locations

  • Open and operating storefront 7 days a week

  • Marketing via dedicated social media accounts 

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