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Meet the Maker: Life Beads

Meet the women behind Life Beads! These 29 women from Life Beads create beautiful handmade jewelry to sustain themselves financially and make a difference in their community. Life Beads is a ministry that was formed out of Four Corners Ministries and is giving war-torn women in Northern Uganda the opportunity to provide for their children by making jewelry out of paper. The proceeds go back to employ the women in Uganda. We are so grateful they're a part of our store and can't wait for you to read more about their inspiring story below.

The Life Beads women!

When was Life Beads Established? Life Beads was established in 2012 to empower women and improve their lives and community. Through the creation of jewelry, these women are given the opportunity for sustainable living to provide for their families. Each piece of jewelry is unique and handmade by Ugandan artists.

When purchasing Life Beads you not only get a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry, but also helping to break a cycle of poverty. Every woman who crafts Life Beads earns a consistent monthly income, enabling them to send their children to school, provide food and a home for their families, and pay for healthcare when necessary.

Tell us about your products/merchandise Every piece of jewelry is handmade by one of our 29 Life Beads ladies in Uganda. Each bead is made out of strips of paper, cut, rolled, dipped, hung to dry, then beautifully compiled to create unique pieces of jewelry. Each piece is designed by our American missionary, Mallory Corbin, who lives alongside these ladies to support, disciple, and love.

Where all do you currently sell? Our website, the Four Corners Ministries offices in downtown Opelika (202 South 8th Street), Plum Southern (Lagrange, GA), Southern Blessings (Demopolis, AL), Hartford’s Florist and Gifts (Hartford, AL), and through 13 Life Beads Partners.

What is the biggest challenge Life Beads has faced? Our biggest challenge is community recognition and communication. We hear the phrase “I never knew you guys did this” all the time. It’s a great struggle to tend to a ministry and all the needs that entails while juggling the needs that retail demands.

Life Beads space inside The Maker and Merchant

What has been your biggest success?

Our Life Beads Partners program and having our products in The Maker and Merchant :)

What are your goals for your business moving forward? We desire to grow this Life Beads Ministry to sell an increased quantity of jewelry that allows us to add on even more than 29 Ugandan ladies. These funds not only help them provide for their families, but they also receive the greatest blessing: the Word of Jesus Christ through our resident missionaries on the ground in Gulu, Uganda 24/7!

Tell us anything else you’d like us to know that we didn’t ask!

These 29 ladies hand craft each and every piece of jewelry. These ladies and their leader, our missionary, Mallory Corbin, work diligently designing Life Beads. Your purchase helps this ministry be possible!

You can shop Life Beads online,in the Four Corners Ministries Building located at 202 South 8th Street in downtown Opelika and in The Maker and Merchant. Stay up to date on all of the incredible things Life Beads is doing through Instagram and on Facebook.

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